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Bror Gunnar Jansson (a.k.a. Gunnes Enmanna) is a Swedish one-man band who unleashes a garage-style hybrid of blues, country, and folk. He is an enigmatic performer who can ooze backwoodsy and minimalistic laments as well as unleash ferociously angular and devastatingly powerful breakdowns. 


Bror Gunnar Jansson (and yes it's his real name) was introduced to the great worlds of music before he even was born. He's, together with his sister, the fourth generation of musicians in his bloodline. His father is a well renowned bass player who toured with jazz legends such as Chet Baker, Toots Thielemanns and Dexter Gordon.

So Bror Gunnar grew up with music as a natural ingredient of life. He spent much of his young age at jazz club Nefertiti. He spent so much time there that he got to know both staff members, other regulars and even the musicians playing there. In fact he frequented the venue so often that even some people in the staff thought he worked there (which subsequently he did, once he was old enough). Part from this he did all the typical things a young person interested in music would do, he went to a lot of different music schools and played in a lot of different bands and projects.

The years and the schools went by and after almost taking a bachelor's degree (he failed to write an essay) as an "individual musician" at the university of Göteborg some years ago he's been solely working with his art. He released his self-titled debut solo album (and an album with the band Serve You Right To Suffer) in 2012, which had some really good reviews, but not to much happened with it.

Then two years later he released an 8" EP on wax (on the German indie label Stencil Trash Records, limited in 49 handmade copies that sold out in one day), and signed with French label Normandeep Blues, which later that year released his second solo album Moan Snake Moan. This album was much more of a success.

It was chosen for the Canal+ program "Album of the week" (Album de la semaine), it was given Coup de Coeur 2014/15 by Academie Charles Cros, Bror Gunnar was named as "the revelation of the year" in Les Inrockuptibles, 2014. In 2015 Normandeep Blues re-released a special limited edition of Bror Gunnar's debut album for Record Store Day. And since then both S/T and Moan Snake Moan has been selling well in record stores, now over 5000 physical copies each, and counting. In march this year Bror Gunnar released the album Bugalú together with the band Det Blev Handgemäng ("There was a scuffle").

Now he's been recording and working on his next solo release: An EP and an album to be released in February and May 2017. They are called AND THE GREAT UNKNOWN Part I & Part II.

These releases are co-produced by Christoffer Johansson (co-producer of Moan Snake Moan and S/T and member of Det Blev Handgemäng), Filip Leyman (producer and band member of Anna von Hausswolff and Tempel) and Bror Gunnar himself. The label is once again the French indie Normandeep Blues.




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