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Fanny and the Atta boys are an up and coming band based out of San Diego California. Their sound is largely centered around American roots, country swing, depression era jazz, and classic blues styling thrown in for good measure. The idea that drives the band's style is to put on a show that engages the audience with it's energy, soul, and sense of humor. 

With simplicity as the defining factor of Fanny and the Atta boys sound, the group is comprised of four members. Natt Wise mans the lead guitar, already a seasoned performer at a young age. Natt has played in several local bands over the years and uses his knowledge of other instruments to help guide the bands creative direction. 
Toby Pykles plays rhythm guitar. Tobey is a new comer to performing, but his enthusiasm shines through on stage. Fanny and the Atta Boys have no drums and so Tobey has the very important task of driving the pace. 

Eriberto Montoya handles the stand up bass. Eddie , as he is more commonly referred to, plays in a few other bands in and around San Diego. He has been a musician since he was just a kid, beginning with the violin. His roots are in mariachi music but has since spread out into several other genres including rockabilly and blue grass. 
Fanny (Tiffany Christie) sings lead vocals for the group. She has been on stage since she was six years old with her roots starting in musical theater. She is often described as being the little girl with the big sound. Being just five foot tall, she has no problem pulling her weight right along side her Atta Boys.

At any given show of theirs you are likely to experience a generally lighthearted , funny , and peppy set. They do however add a few more soul stirring songs into the set to keep things well rounded. At any rate it's always a good time!

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